Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado Ned Frost has been immersed in the cannabis community since planting his first cannabis seeds senior year of high school.  Since CanniGrow’s conception in 2011 Ned has made it his priority to learn all facets of the industry from seed to sale in-order to better serve his clients.

Cultivation: 2011-Present

“My first four years in the garden were spent mentoring with four experienced cultivators three of whom had been growing for 30+ years. The other two individuals held positions as head growers for Native Roots and the Dandelion. Did I mention my mother is a master gardener out of CSU with focus on Horticulture and Permaculture; yeah she’s a wealth of knowledge. As my abilities grew over the four years spent cultivating under others I then began taking on private clients. My growing career has covered more than the following: coco coir, peat moss, soil, hydroponics, organics, vegan, synthetic nutrients (Canna, Advanced, House & Garden, Botanicare, Veg/Bloom), trellising, staking, HPS lighting, Gavitas, LEC’s, and LED’s. I am versatile in my craft and can adapt to accomiadate any grow methodology.”

Notable Accomplishments

Wrote a business plan with blueprint design’s for a two story 14,000 Sg/ft. facility in Carbondale, CO which was later accepted by the State of Colorado. Streamlined harvest production for Pueblo Greenhouses. Worked directly with companies to upgrade HPS lighting to Double Ended fixtures. Planted 32 acres of hemp alongside the Colorado Hemp Project. Cultivated at Karing Kind Boulder’s first recreational dispensary. Maintained a strong social media presence though @cannigrow_ on Instagram. Secured wholesale partnerships with Pure Pressure, Kind LEC, Gorilla Tent, Boulder Lamp, and EZ Trim. Obtained commercial pricing with WaytoGrow for all CanniGrow clients, and followers when using the account CanniGrow at checkout.


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