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Boulder Lamp Inc. CDL + LED 340 Watt Fixture


Also known as “The Mars Effect”, the addition of far red light (700-720 nm) may double the rate of photosynthesis when used in conjunction with deep red light (650 nm—670 nm). This effect only lasts for an hour or two.

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A new kind of grow light – CDL agro spectrum is augmented by color-specific LEDs (patent pending) for increasing rate of photosynthesis and taste or potency of crops. Color augmentation may also be used to eliminate mold and pests. To further increase production efficiency, BLI’s patent pending CDL+LED grow light integrates certain red LEDs into the CDL light fixture. Our first generation of CDL+LED grow lights increase yield at least by 15% while using the same amount of electricity. Philips 315W CDL agro bulb is engineered to provide maximum amount of blue and red spectrums as well as certain amount of all other spectrums for optimum growth for all types of plants. Boulderlamp, Inc (BLI) integrates the Philips 315W agro lamp with electronic gear, light fixture, and optics into each product providing the most efficient and reliable grow light.

If you're a small grower, a 3100K bulb (a broad natural-light bulb) is enough for all plant stages. But if you really care about quality, you can get another 4200K bulb and use this for the veg phase, while the 3100K for the flowering period.

All models have a 6 ft power cord. Fixtures included a daisy chain power receptacle for connection of up to 4 of the 120 volt units and 6 of the 208/240 V units.

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Weight 152 oz
Dimensions 22 × 17 × 10 in
Select Lamp/Voltage

120 Volt w/ 3100 K Lamp, 120 Volt w/ 4200 K Lamp, 208 / 240 Volt w/ 3100 K Lamp, 208 / 240 Volt w/ 4200 K Lamp


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