Boulder Lamp Inc. LEC + LED


Boulder Lamp Inc. 408 watts Light Emitting Ceramic + LED



Grow Light: CDL + LED A new kind of grow light – CDL agro spectrum is augmented by color-specific LEDs (patent pending) for increasing rate of photosynthesis and taste or potency of crops. Color augmentation may also be used to eliminate mold and pests.

Boulder lamp, Inc grow lights utilize Philips agro lamps generating broad and intense spectrum across the board. The spectrum of CDL resembles sunlight providing 65% of its light energy around blue and red spectrum, ideal for plant’s natural absorption curve. From two (2) feet above plants, the PAR value of 315W CDL agro exceeds 686 μmol/m2/second. Boulder lamp, Inc integrates the Philips 315W agro lamp with electronic gear, light fixture, and optics into each product providing the most efficient and reliable grow light on the market.


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