Business Consulting

Enter the cannabis industry on the right foot with industry specific knowledge. Skip the initial learning phase, and avoid future pitfalls with a consultation. We’re here to offer you our expertise with various tasks such as writing a business plan, conducting market analysis, research and development, facilities design, and construction.



Business Plan


Executive summary, Mission Statement, Company Overview, Research & Development, Operations Plan, Start-up schedule, S.W.O.T Analysis, 3 Year Financial Plan, Return on Investment, Business Debt, Fixed Costs Projected Annual Expenses, Projected Annual Revenue.

Facilities Design


Work with us to design an efficient high output commercial cultivation facility. Our guidance and experience assist administration during choosing, licensing, and registering a new facility. We’ll draft a blue print for maximum efficiency then advise contractors in building it.

Supporting Documents


Inform your employees through appealing designed signs, handouts, and manuals. We prepare all documents necessary for a productive workflow, perpetual harvests, feeding instructions, integrated pest management, employee manuals, safety data sheets, and compliance protocols.

Staffing Solutions


We assist in hiring and training employees and management. We help you choose the right staff to align with business goals. To ensure productivity we include ongoing support to coach your employees through the initial learning phase. Support includes in person regularly scheduled visits, and over the phone support. With discounted rates on next day emergency consults.

Metrc Training


Management and employee Metrc training seminar. Avoid the costly pitfalls of the Metrc System. Tutorials and more taught with experience.

Know Before You Grow

Leverage the right talent to handle cultivation decisions.

CanniGrow Cannabis Consulting