Grow Compliant in 2019

Thinking about growing your own cannabis in Colorado? Maximize your allowed plant count while staying compliant under amendment 64. This article covers recreational cultivation for Colorado residence aged 21 and above. Local municipalities rules and regulations...

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Waayb Organics: Farm Credit

Waayb Organics is a local family owned and operated CBD Company whom I have gained the utmost respect for. I had the privilege of working alongside managing partner Anson and his stand up farm crew planting and harvesting this season. The owners lead with respect…

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Ode to the Bean

Golden Bean (Golden Goat x Face Wreck) 96 sq. ft, 10 plants, 20 gallons, 12 lbs, 6,000 watts. Golden bean is truly deserving of a blog post with its vigorous high yielding terpene rich profile. Its sweet tropical skunk stench will ignite your mind with an uplifting...

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CU Boulder Cannabis Research

An Observational Study of Cannabidiol, Neurocognition, and Mood Colorado University Boulder is at the forefront of Cannabis Research! They are conducting “An Observational Study of Cannabidiol, Neurocognition, and Mood” One of CanniGrow’s own went into the CU Research...

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EZ Wander Trimmer

Equipment Review: With the EZ Wander Trimmer I now average 2-3 lbs. wet trim weight per hour. I have cut harvest time from one week to one day using a six man team! The initial cost of the machine is well worth it when you are saving 70% on labor. It allows me to...

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Monster Cropping Cannabis

Monster Cropping Cannabis: The act of cloning while in the flowering stage. Achieve an exclusive garden filled with superior genetics. This following method is best utilized when growing marijuana from seed. Monster Cropping is a technique that refers to the process...

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Cannabis Mentorship: First Personal Grow

Cannabis Mentorship: First Personal Grow Just popped the cap on a mason jar of marijuana that has been curing for more than 6 years! With the passing of amendment 64 here in Colorado this strain of Northern Lights #5 was planted. This was my first personal grow after...

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Charlotte’s Web

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