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We are a Design Build Grow Consultancy.

We help businesses and individuals succeed in the cannabis industry. Whether you're an existing company looking to improve cultivation or an individual looking to master your craft we're here to help.


Talk with an experienced grower.

Emergency consultations available 24/7.

Talk with an industry experienced cannabis cultivator.

Relax at-home in a private secure setting.

Affordable rate that pays for itself come harvest.

Video calls allow us to visually diagnose the smallest of problems.


Commercial, Residential, Domestic, and International. 

Customized plans to produce potent high yielding harvests.

Versed in all grow methods our consultants can adapt to your style.

Great for learning new mediums, nutrient regiments, and processes.

Employee Training.

Includes PDF summarizing the consultation.


New Business Advisory Services.

Utilize our knowledge from the start to create an accurate business plan.

Real life financial figures based on precise cultivation calculations.

Organic, synthetic, kush, or OG understand market demand.

Inform your employees through appealing designed signs, handouts, and manuals.

Garden Nanny

We Grow for You!

Discreet professional consultants available to maintain your garden.

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly at home garden services.

Going out of town? Hire a knowledgeable sitter.

Energy efficient, clean, controlled, and productive grow room design.

Maximize your grow with an at-home consultation.


Grow your own connoisseur quality cannabis in your basement or garage with our expert guidance, and custom built grow rooms.


Streamline cultivation processes for businesses in the cannabis sector. We offer facilities management and employee training.


Build a solid company around our cannabis expertise with advisory services such as business plans and facilities design.

Ode to the Bean

Golden Bean (Golden Goat x Face Wreck) 96 sq. ft, 10 plants, 20 gallons, 12 lbs, 6,000 watts. Golden bean is truly deserving of a blog post with its vigorous high yielding terpene rich profile. Its sweet tropical skunk stench will ignite your mind with an uplifting...

Monster Cropping Cannabis

Monster Cropping Cannabis: The act of cloning while in the flowering stage. Achieve an exclusive garden filled with superior genetics. This following method is best utilized when growing marijuana from seed. Monster Cropping is a technique that refers to the process...

Cannabis Mentorship: First Personal Grow

Cannabis Mentorship: First Personal Grow Just popped the cap on a mason jar of marijuana that has been curing for more than 6 years! With the passing of amendment 64 here in Colorado this strain of Northern Lights #5 was planted. This was my first personal grow after...

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