Commercial Consulting

Ensure your facility operates at peak performance year round with on-going support for clients on a retainer bases. Support includes in-person regularly scheduled visits, and over the phone support. Advisers are available to assist all aspects of production from seed to harvest. Our expertise aligns with any grow method you are currently using. Hire us to increase productivity.

Facility Design


Facilities Build-Out


Work with us to design an efficient high output commercial cultivation facility. Our guidance and experience assist administration during choosing, licensing, and registering your new facility. We’ll draft a blue print for maximum efficiency then advise contractors in building it. We prepare all documents necessary for a productive workflow, perpetual harvests, feeding instructions, integrated pest management, employee manuals, safety data sheets, and compliance protocols. To ensure your new facility is properly up and running we offer our in-person and over the phone services up until first harvest is complete.

Grow Facility Reset


Rejuvenate your cultivation facility back to peak performance. Streamline processes and procedures. Perfect or implement a nutrient regiment. Dial in environmental controls. Identify nutrient lockout and plant deficiencies, eliminate powdery mildew, and increase productivity through staff training.

Nutrient Regiments


Comprehensive customized nutrient regiments formulated a used until perfected by our Founder & CEO.

-House & Garden



-Canna Nutrients

-Advanced Nutrients

Foliage Applications


Dominate your competition with our signature Foliage Applications. Obtain a competitive advantage no matter your base nutrient with our coveted foliage spray instructions.

Pesticide Applications


Ensure a clean finished product with our custom formulated tried and true pesticide applications. Protect against harmful pest and pathogens with a solid plan with our pesticide application instructions.

Grow Smarter

We take a hard unbiased look at your circumstances to guide you in the proper design, planning, and execution of your strategies.

CanniGrow Cannabis Consulting