Personal Consulting

CanniGrow in partenship with Tubucu is proud to offer our personal grow clients free access to their valuable app. We use Tubucu to track, manage, and consult your garden remotely. We love to help individual growers accomplish there goals, because great companies start in their garage. Maximize your plant count, increase yield, and achieve higher potency with an at-home consultation.




We custom design and build high output energy efficient grow rooms for any size space.

Garden Nanny


Going out of town? Hire us to discreetly and professionally take care of your garden. Clients often return home to a happier healthier garden.

General Support


General Labor: Topping, Pruning, Cloning, Super Cropping, Planting, Transplanting, Room Reset, Maintenance, Pest Management, Fungus Control, and Foliage Applications.

Personal Shopper


We’ll meet you at any WaytoGrow store to guide you in purchasing the right equipment at the right price. *Billed 20% of total purchase price.

Prefer shopping online? Check out our Amazon shop!


Garden Mangement Simplified.

Use Tubucu to track and manage your garden from seedling to harvest. Create a unique profile for each plant, with photos, genetic info, current growth stage and more. Track all your activities including feed/water, training, defoliation, light/timing changes, location, etc. – all from an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly app.

Tubucu is free for all CanniGrow personal grow clients. Sign up now and start managing your grow like a pro.

Grow Your Own

Transform your basement or garage into a garden oasis today!

CanniGrow Cannabis Consulting