My First Grow

Just popped the cap on a mason jar of marijuana that has been curing for more than 6 years! With the passing of amendment 64 here in Colorado this strain of Northern Lights #5 was planted. This was my first personal grow after years of mentoring under others. I choose this strain, because the healing properties are very strong. Secondly, it is a resilient heavy yielding fast flowering resinous plant. Upon opening the jar an intensely sweet yet earthly scent filled the air.

I give credit to my mentors for the pleasant taste, pungent aromas, and healing high. At a point in the vegetate stage I had a spider mite infestation, and was left with few options. I was determined to save my cannabis plants, and did so with the help of an experienced grower. I am thankful I grew up in Boulder, Colorado with its vast cannabis community. I had reached out to a local farmer whom helped save my plants organically. This man became an influential mentor and friend whom still keeps jars of marijuana from my first grow. Over the years I mentored under five of the best growers in my region. They themselves were masters at one particular way of growing. One a master of no-till organics, another a savant in hydroponics, two had mastered commercial grows, one an outlaw who taught me high altitude green house growing, and of course my loving mom who always kept a plant in the house she is a certified master gardener and horticulture therapist. I learned many new methods and spent time perfecting the techniques that were taught to me. I created this website to give the world what I had a friend and mentor in the cannabis industry.