Monster Cropping Cannabis: The act of cloning while in the flowering stage.

Achieve an exclusive garden filled with superior genetics.

This following method is best utilized when growing marijuana from seed. Monster Cropping is a technique that refers to the process of cloning a plant during the flowing stage then reverting it back to a vegetative state. This method allows you grow select personally verified genetics. Master your garden by honing in on plants traits such as yield, potency, and shorter grow cycles.

If you read around the internet armature growers alike tend to think Monster Cropping attributes to a more vigorous plant. They entertain the idea of being able to save space, and lower plant count by utilized monster cropping in their perpetual harvests. While multiple off shoots attributing to a vigorous plant is likely there are many more efficient ways to achieve this. A decreased plant count sounds great, but one can expect decreased annual harvests in conjunction. Need a reason to cut off the beautiful flowers you just grew? The main benefit of Master Cropping is the ability to identify desirable traits such as yield, potency, and growth cycle

Let’s start by selecting the superior genetics in the garden. Look for desirable traits such as vigor, yield, and potency. Compare terpene profiles of each plant by squeezing some flowers. A key thing I look for are shorter growth cycles, which help me hit six harvests per year. On the selected plants choose a few bottom branches to clone.

At a 90 degree angle cut near the node and immediately dip it in a cloning solution preferably aloe then plant into desired media. For best rooting results take the cutting on day 20 to 24 of flower. At this stage we’re catching the plant right before root development starts to decline. Taking clones stresses your plant, but no worries at this stage the stress will help ripen the plant for harvest.

A couple weeks into the cloning process you find your plants to look extremely stressed out don’t worry it’s not light stress or temperature fluctuations it’s just part or the reverting process. In about a month the re-vegged clone will appear normal. Master Cropping takes patients, but is well worth the effort to compile elite genetics.