Golden Bean (Golden Goat x Face Wreck)

96 sq. ft, 10 plants, 20 gallons, 12 lbs, 6,000 watts.

Golden bean is truly deserving of a blog post with its vigorous high yielding terpene rich profile. Its sweet tropical skunk stench will ignite your mind with an uplifting energetic high. Golden Bean is a local cross between Golden Goat and Face Wreck (Faceoff OG x Train Wreck). I obtained this special cut from co-workers while managing the infamous WaytoGrow Boulder. Golden Bean was one of my coolest grows to date.

These plants were well ahead of the grow cycle already 3 feet tall at day 30. VPD was dialed in so naturally the plants quickly out grew the veg room. The Xylem on these plants were noteworthy the largest I’d ever seen. I actually refrained from topping them and choose to trellis. Typically I would stake plants this large, but I was up for the challenge of trellising them down from 6 ft. to a manageable 4 ft.

This was my first go at trellising this small room. I double row trellised the entire room the first trellis lay at 4 ft. the second 5 ft. These plants were very pliable with the aid of silica OSA 28 to be exact. I was able to bend the plants inwards, and gently slide them under the trellis. I lined the walls with ten 20 gallon pots leaving a row down the middle for access. With the lights moved all the way up to the ceiling I had 4 ft. to work with. Perfect if I could manage to keep the anticipated 3 ft. stretch to 1 ft. I created two access holes I could stand up in and access the entire top canopy.

The plants were settled in and quickly filled the trellis creating an even 5 ft. canopy. With such a thick canopy I noticed temperature fluctuations. Underneath the canopy was nice and cool while above sat 10 degrees higher. Once identified I MacGyvered an 8” inch hyper fan with ducting attached, which exhausted cool air above the canopy eliminating all hot spots. Besides that I didn’t have any other issues with this run. It was a fun grow I’d often find myself pruning while sliding up and down the row on my sons skateboard.