Waayb Organics is a local family owned and operated CBD Company whom I have gained the utmost respect for. I had the privilege of working alongside managing partner Anson and his stand up farm crew planting and harvesting this season. The owners lead with respect, and worked the land with their crew. At times the retired farm owner would hop on his ATV or tractor merely to ride out and thanks us for doing a great job. Waayb employed entrepreneurs and individuals whom needed a helping hand. I saw many lives including mine improved by the time spent on their farm.


Waayb Organics oversees every step of production from cultivation, processing, to formulation, and sales. During a recent visit to their extraction lab I had the pleasure of meeting Brandon head of extraction. I met the whole team in fact, and was welcomed with open arms. I was given a full tour of the lab, and learned a ton of new information. Waayb uses CO2 extraction to fully extract the phytonutrients, cannabinoids, and terpenes.

I can attest to the quality of Waayb Organics products as they only used the finest CBD varietals such as Berry Blossom a locally bred non-GMO hemp strain. The majority of CBD oil available on the market is extracted from Asian hemp seed, which produces minute amounts of CBD. Their CBD oil is whole plant extracted producing a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, which fuel your body decreasing inflammation, anxiety, and stress.


This was my first experiencing working for what felt like not so big agriculture due to the welcoming organization. Waayb Organics strives to produce the highest grade CBD products agriculturally grown from quality hemp genetics. A great company built on a foundation of respect and gratitude. It was a pleasure working on this farm I stand behind Waayb Organics quality CBD products as being clean and grown with passion.